Top 10 Websites for Literature Lovers

There is nothing like being curled up with a good book. There are people all over the internet who also love reading and have created websites devoted to their love of literature. Here are the top ten websites that literature lovers should see.

website homepage screenshot
1. Goodreads
Goodreads is a huge social cataloging website that allows its users to review books, share their recommendations, and join book discussions. Users create virtual libraries of books they’re reading, have read, and want to read.
2. PaperBack Swap
This site is a massive book swap, where users can trade books all over the country, including hardbacks, audio books, and textbooks. People can avoid getting library late fees and even get out of print books.
3. ReadUps
This site is the new form of BookGlutton. It is like an online book club, but users can share comments on books directly in the text of the book on tablets and laptops.
4. The Book Cover Archive
If you love looking at great book covers, you’ll love this site. It is a collection of over a thousand book covers that can be sorted by designer, author, and other categories.
5. The Millions
This site has been around since 2003. It is an online literary magazine that constantly has new book reviews and literary essays from a wide array of contributors.
6. Page-Turner
Page-Turner is the book blog arm of The New Yorker magazine. The blog posts interviews with authors, book reviews, daily news roundups, and a monthly podcast.
7. Book Riot
The site Book Riot’s tagline is “Always books. Never boring.” It lives up to that tagline by posting a combination of serious and silly articles on books.
8. Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading
This website publishes one free original fiction story a week to inspire you. It also has reading recommendations from top editors and writers.
This site calls itself the internet literature blog of the future. It has literature posts from weird lists to intelligent critiques of novels.
10. Granta
Granta is one of the most important literary magazines in the world and it also has a website that has all sorts of interesting content about books.
You can use all of these sites to connect with other people about literature. If you want to create your own site for expressing your love of literature, get a quote on website creation.

Photo by Mark Bult